Other equipment

Guard Rail, Wire Partitions, & Safety Netting

Keeping high traffic areas within your warehouse safe should be a top priority for your operation. There are several solutions that can be used to ensure maximum safety for employees including guard rails, wire partitions, and safety netting. Through our manufacturers, we offer each of these solutions to ensure your warehouse or distribution center remains safe.

Wire Mesh Partitions (Wire Cages)

Build a free-standing secure storage enclosure with our wire mesh partitions. These partitions can be used for several different enclosures and can be reconfigured as your facility’s requirements change. The setup is quick and results are sturdy.

Guard rail

Ensure your team and products are safe from powered equipment impacts with guard rail safety equipment. Using our warehouse design expertise, we can choose the right guard rail to keep your high traffic areas separate and fit your unique needs.

Safety Netting

We offer several different safety netting options to accommodate your facility’s needs. Choose from our rack guards, conveyor guard netting and more to keep your application and systems secure.