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Overhead Crane Systems

Jib Crane System

Jib cranes are an excellent option for facilities looking to lift and transport materials in semi-circles or full circles rather than just vertical or horizontal. These cranes can be assembled to be either building mounted or free-standing and can be used to transfer materials between workstations.

Gantry Crane System

Gantry cranes are a great solution for facilities that are unable to support an overhead crane as they are usually placed on a single cross beam or two beams and are supported by vertical legs. These types of cranes are portable, easy to assemble and come with a variety of adjustable heights and spans.

Bridge Crane System

Need a crane system that can hold and transport medium to heavy materials backwards and forwards? If so, implementing a bridge crane is probably the best option for your facility. Bridge cranes not only offer great control of your materials, they also reduce the number of obstructions on your warehouse floor. Contact us today to see if a bridge crane is right for your facility.  

Who We Work With

We work with Gorbel to bring you the Overhead Crane System that fits your needs. As an authorized distributor, we can bring you an array of Overhead Crane Systems to help your facility efficiently and safely transport materials.


For more in-depth questions or if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us here. Our experienced staff will help you find the solution you require.