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SpeedCell’s storage capacity and durability offers our customers a high density, flexible and long-lasting storage solution for fast paced picking environments.

Save time, money, and space with Unex Manufacturing’s SpeedCell storage solution. SpeedCell is highly dense storage solution made of high strength industrial textiles that covers the excess area within your pallet racks. Using a mold, rust, and flame-resistant material, SpeedCell not only creates storage space out of vacant flu space, it also improves your facility’s storage and order picking operations.  

How it works is simple. Each cell is placed on a pre-galvanized steel track system that seamlessly integrates with your rack’s beams. Each individual cell can hold up to 35 pounds of product with built in label holders to help order pickers easily identify the product. The columns full of cells can move left to right. This makes reaching the rows behind more efficient for order pickers. They can easily step to the next column and move it left or right to reach the designated SKU, which ultimately will save more time. And although facility’s typically use the standard size storage solution, SpeedCell comes in a variety of sizes and can be customized depending on your facility’s specific needs.  

This type of storage solution is perfect for e-commerce retailers and businesses who are looking to maintain a clean and safe warehouse while simultaneously improving storage capabilities by 60% and decreasing labor costs by 40%.  

SpeedCell is easy to install, use, scale, and maintain within a busy facility. We are proud to work with Unex Manufacturing to offer SpeedCell for your warehouse or distribution center. Contact us today to begin the process of adding SpeedCell to your facility.  

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